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Rosin Derivatives

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Yellow crystal


Rosin Stabilized by Hydrogenation

  • A derivative of a natural resin, rosin, showing a higher stability (heat resistance and weather resistance)
  • For adhesive, pigment coatings, inks, pigments and soldering flux.

Product Lineups

Products Color (USDA) Softening Point (℃, R&B) Acid Value


X or better

65 min.

145 min.



A rosin derivative developed with Arakawa Chemical's proprietary technology, characterized by its light color and low odor.

It is suitable as a tackifier for UV-curable acrylic adhesives due to its superior weather resistance and low absorption of UV light compared to general rosin derivatives.

Its hypoallergenic properties also make it suitable for use in adhesives that are supposed to be in contact with the skin.

Product Lineups

Products Typical Color (Hazen) Softening Point (℃, R&B)
KE-311 150 max. 90-100
KE-100 200 max. 95-105
PE-590 100 max. 90-100
Yellow crystal


SUPER ESTER is the name of our rosin ester product.

Due to their sharp molecular weight and moderate polarity, they are compatible with a wide range of polymers, making them suitable for rubber and EVA-based hot melt adhesives as well as acrylic adhesives.

Product Lineups

Products Color (Gardner) Softening Point (℃, R&B) Acid Value
A-100 7 max. 95-105 10 max.
W-115 7 max. 108-120 20 max.