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Technology that connects different materials

Our own pioneering technologies for rosin chemistry have become a core of our current business activities. Arakawa is also a global leader in hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin. Therefore, Arakawa has the ability to provide a solution whether your needs are for a natural or synthetic product. We use these raw materials to develop intermediate materials such as papermaking chemicals, printing ink resins, adhesive resins and tackifying resins of high quality and performance.


  • ARKON Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins (HHCR)

    ARKONTM is a premier water-white hydrocarbon resin, introduced as the world’s first hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin developed by Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd. Its colourless, and transparent character is especially suitable for use in light-coloured products. The excellent UV and thermal stability of ARKONTM maintains the product’s performance for extended periods. ARKONTM is produced under most advanced quality control systems in order to ensure its success in a wide variety of applications.

  • Rosin Derivatives

    Extracted from pine resin, rosin is a naturally occurring material. Arakawa Chemical has been developing and marketing rosin derivatives for many years. In recent years, rosin has been attracting attention as an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. We contribute to such social needs.